Some people indulge into craft voluntarily and for some it is serendipity. All those who plunge deeper and deeper into any form of craft transcend as new persons. To some the medium is clay, to some it could be cloth or wood.

What makes a person feel different and rediscovered, is the person’s effort to bring out his/her creativity. Most people connote creativity with innovation and discovery; to me creativity is a result of the efforts made by a person to reach a new height. In the process to pushing one’s self to touch the next step, we realign ourselves and creativity ruffles down as a byproduct. The degree of creativity and its evidence is used to label a person to be creative or not so creative. But creativity as a quality exists in everyone of us; it is only exposed when one makes an effort to do so.

Craft as an activity exposes a person on this realm. I am listing some of the most liked craft forms for the readers to connect and choose one for themselves and walk on this path of self discovery. You can add more forms to the list below.

Paper Craft                                Pottery                                          Lamasa
Jewellry design                           Fabric painting                               Glass etching
Origami                                      Synthetic clay work                      Collage work
Flower arrangement                    Carpentry                                     Puppetry making
Bonsai making                            Shoe designing                              Doll/Toy making
Candle making                           Pot painting                                   Mechanics craft
Mehendi designing                      Book binding                                Fabric designing
Glass painting                             Bag designing                               Textile designing
Clay modelling                           Vegetable carving                         Ceramic design
Furniture designing                     Interior designing                          Animation design
Movie making                           Make up art                                  Soap making
Photography                              Digital art                                     Aeronautics designing

Some of them are pursued as a life time occupation and some are meant just as a hobby. They are all analougous to books but the life lessons we learn at the end of any reading are the same.

Enjoy crafting!!