You are the center of the world that you have created. You are the hero/ heroine of the cinema called “LIFE” in which you are performing. The universe that you attract with your consciousness revolves around you.

For each person life unravels as it comes. There are some unnoticed aspects and people without which our life that exists, cannot shape up. They are not UFOs or invisible alien matter from a science fiction fable. These unnoticed personas are what I call the INDISPENSABLES.

Who are these indispensables? They are the energies that revolve around us. They are people who are very important in lives but most likely we are oblivious of their importance and sometimes also their existence.

The transporter – truck drivers, car drivers

Early birds – milkman, newspaper boy

The mender – carpenters, plumbers, cobblers

Regulators – cops, doctors

Inspirers – teachers, mentors, leaders

Planners – engineers, builders, realtors

Agents – agents of types

Pay respect to their existence and know the role of their existence.

Apart from them I also visualized the men from the mountains and remote sections of this world where urban lifestyle is still – a dream to be made true. To them life constructs differently. Their indispensable elements of life are: faith, tolerance, love and GOD.