“Perseverance, focus and goal orientation are commonly heard from people who like talking about them or who are most obliviously seeking for them.” These words can make quite a jargon.

We do not know when these attributes have manifested themselves as US, apart from being just an experience. They are keys to open all the secret lockers in your heart. When we open them, we move towards self realization and this, only our mind realizes. The mind always takes care of comprehension and our heart of one’s experience.

Biography and life stories about J.K.Rowling and Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari have been instrumental in writing this story.

Experiences from my personal life have been influential in weaving this story.  It is purely fictitious yet very close to every person’s life who is trying to balance it. Music, cat race in career building have influenced my decision making and various choices in life. You may find shades of these in this story. All through the story there is one question that the hero, Vaibhav finds unanswered “when and why should I listen to my heart? And when and why should I listen to my mind?”

It is for you to see if this is answered or is it for you to answer?

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