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How does our life revolve?

The Indispensables


PREFACE – 91 notes


“Perseverance, focus and goal orientation are commonly heard from people who like talking about them or who are most obliviously seeking for them.” These words can make quite a jargon.

We do not know when these attributes have manifested themselves as US, apart from being just an experience. They are keys to open all the secret lockers in your heart. When we open them, we move towards self realization and this, only our mind realizes. The mind always takes care of comprehension and our heart of one’s experience.

Biography and life stories about J.K.Rowling and Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari have been instrumental in writing this story.

Experiences from my personal life have been influential in weaving this story.  It is purely fictitious yet very close to every person’s life who is trying to balance it. Music, cat race in career building have influenced my decision making and various choices in life. You may find shades of these in this story. All through the story there is one question that the hero, Vaibhav finds unanswered “when and why should I listen to my heart? And when and why should I listen to my mind?”

It is for you to see if this is answered or is it for you to answer?

91 notes

Why should I have a hobby?

Pursuing a hobby is always an unknown and oblivion act to enhance and develop one’s personality. We indulge in a hobby that represents our personality. People on the softer side choose music, dance or painting as a hobby. People with an adventurous instinct choose wild hobbies like mountaineering, underwater diving and so on. Similarly people enjoying heritage or who like exchanging and networking involve in collectibles.

Sometimes people deliberately choose a hobby to communicate about their likes and dislikes, about their personality and about their choices.

Why should I pursue a hobby?

Stress-buster: For those who engage in busy careers, pursuing hobby becomes important. To vent out their emotions and set aside a space for themselves, people indulge in a hobby. Some such stress busters are cooking, pottery, bird watching, swimming, etc.

Instills a sense of appreciation: When we immerse ourselves in gaining a skill set, it involves practice. With practice, we hone our skills to pursue our favourite hobby more artistically. By involving in ardent practice, we can understand  and empathize with another hobbyist and the effort it takes to deliver the same. Though this is a long process, people with a hobby instill in themselves a sense of appreciation.

knowledge enhancement: A hobby cannot always be pursued in solitude. It requires knowledge sharing and team work. When we start advancing and gain acumen pertaining to a hobby, we need more and more relevant information. For this we engage and network with other hobbyists. This allows knowledge enhancement.

Self change happens: Unknowingly as we progress in exploring a hobby, we change with the changing level of skills and obviously changing perception.

Self development: We develop our personality and the aura around us, which changes the world. Though this sounds spiritual and ethereal to hear, a person who has pursued a hobby sincerely for over 5 to 6 years would agree with this aspect of improvement.

Community help: A hobby has its own network and ecosystem due to which it exists among us. This existence helps a community in an indirect way. It provides employment and avocation to people who are unemployed and idle.

The CEO of today was a college dropout” makes great headlines, but to most of the aspiring entrepreneurs it is very misleading. It is mostly interpreted in two ways:

a) The CEO was considered an idiot at college, made it big later on.

b) The CEO realized building a company is exciting and easier than acquiring a college degree.

Neither of the interpretations are genuine. These statements are only an output of emotional eruptions and frustration in life.

Then how should it be perceived?

Let’s consider a few examples to understand the true perspective of a CEO letting go of a college degree.

Mark Zuckerberg is fits this title the best. Let us understand his background a little more.
File:Mark Zuckerberg at the 37th G8 Summit in Deauville 018 v1.jpgBefore being known as an Internet entrepreneur and inventor of FACEBOOK, he was an achiever at school. He won many competitions in science, mathematics, astronomy, physics and classical studies. He can read and write four languages apart from English. It was only at Harvard he made a choice between a college degree and being the CEO of FACEBOOK. Though he did not get a degree, he earned things more precious that through his career.

Micky Jagtiani of Indian origin, has been a serial entrepreneur is the retail space of leisure, lifestyle and food. He started his journey as a businessman with a family owned business and is now the owner of LANDMARK retail stores. He joined a London accounting school and we know how the story ends. He dropped out of that school. Does that make him dumb, NO. He was smart is buying stake at the right time and marking his brand.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are few others to name who have a consistent achiever’s record and a sound background who fill the Famous College Dropout list.

Some resources that will give you more clarity in your perspective.

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Music got twisted with the discovery of ROCK and got tangled with Linkin Park. People just loved Linkin Park from the day they hit the stereo with Hybrid Theory, selling about 4.8 million copies. Their success meter stretched a scale with their next work ‘Meteora‘. Linkin Park got social in promoting a couple of songs from their album, ‘A Thousand Suns‘ on MySpace.

Who is Linkin Park?

With all the success and spotlight they tasted, it is hard for them to come to India. Though Linkin Park claims to have a fanbase in India, it is tough time to convince sponsors who can host Linkin Park for Indian audience. Linkin Par have come up with an online petition as a solution for this problem. Read more about the petition here –

More about LINKINPARK for ardent lovers

Twitter – @linkinpark

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Facebook –

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My Valentine is my passion

What drives us to do something? PASSION. It is our passion to do it. This article is Valentine’s day special feature presenting ‘how our passion evolves into action’. This statement is not true all the time. Sometimes passion dwindles and the action never comes into reality.

Our childhood is influenced by culture, family, parents and friends. This lays a foundation to our multiplying aspirations. Our surroundings and circumstances drive us to decide our passion. A lot of similar factors also act upon diffusing our flourishing passion. Then rises the herd instinct in us. “Follow the crowd”. However, we rarely stumble upon a fortune of reuniting with our passion.

Favourable circumstances are not a boon to most of us who want to follow our dreams. What really matters here is, how far can we extend ourselves to convert our passion into reality.

How do I realize my passion?

Valentine's day Passion

Who chooses what I need to choose?

The title precisely means “who decides what I need to choose?”.

Do my parents decide it for me? Do my teachers decide? Do my friends decide? Do my marks decide? Do I decide? We look for someone else to answer this for us because we lack exposure and orientation.

There are a lot of reasons for one to be confused about the career they want to choose. Some choose a career due to peer pressure, some choose because they have been oriented in a certain way all their life and some choose because of some random incident that turned out rather important for them.

Though this had a cynical start, the intent of this article is to educate HCC readers with the options available today for exploration. These options aid you with a better understanding and allows you to engage with a reality check.

Family: Keenly observe people in your immediate and extended family. You will find groups of people in the same profession. Sometimes you will see people talking about a career which they could not pursue. Talk to them, understand their perspectives, enhance discussions and share it with your friends.

Friends and Peer group: Most times, we see people among our peers, who are always talking about what they want to do in life. We may not be so determined or clear as of now about what we want to pursue but, we can fetch some insight from them on how they decided about their career option so early.

Company visits: Sometimes we may have a rare opportunity to visit a company and know more about it’s back end. If you got such an opportunity don’t miss it. The earlier you know about reality the better it is. Explore other companies that are of  interest to you. Try to get an opportunity to explore. This itself is a great lesson in understanding the available career options.

Career Coaches: Approach a career coach or a mentor. You may find professional coaches and mentors who are into counselling full-time. These coaches and mentors could also be your professors, teachers, uncles or siblings. Be open to what people are saying.

Career Fairs and Conventions: They happen all the round the year in different cities. Choose your closest city and explore these fairs. These fairs educate career aspirants with the latest trends and newer options burgeoning in the market. Such conventions connect with newsletters. Hence subscribe to these newsletters and upgrade yourself all the time, until you bump into something exciting.

Internships: Serious self observers start interning early. Through interning a lot of our confusion gets diffused. When a person tries out internships of various types, they get exposed to more number of opportunities. It provides a crystal clear picture about what is actual vs what is anticipated.

Some platforms which facilitate internships are listed below:

Useful Online Resources


You are the center of the world that you have created. You are the hero/ heroine of the cinema called “LIFE” in which you are performing. The universe that you attract with your consciousness revolves around you.

For each person life unravels as it comes. There are some unnoticed aspects and people without which our life that exists, cannot shape up. They are not UFOs or invisible alien matter from a science fiction fable. These unnoticed personas are what I call the INDISPENSABLES.

Who are these indispensables? They are the energies that revolve around us. They are people who are very important in lives but most likely we are oblivious of their importance and sometimes also their existence.

The transporter – truck drivers, car drivers

Early birds – milkman, newspaper boy

The mender – carpenters, plumbers, cobblers

Regulators – cops, doctors

Inspirers – teachers, mentors, leaders

Planners – engineers, builders, realtors

Agents – agents of types

Pay respect to their existence and know the role of their existence.

Apart from them I also visualized the men from the mountains and remote sections of this world where urban lifestyle is still – a dream to be made true. To them life constructs differently. Their indispensable elements of life are: faith, tolerance, love and GOD.