Candles were used for religious and basic living needs. In the recent times, use of candle has been translated to decorative and festive purposes. Getting down to the heat of the hobby, candle making has developed as a little science in itself. Now a days, in the metropolitan cities we find a lot of children, teenagers and women exploring this hobby.

What is the basic infrastructure required for this hobby?

Do you have kitchen? Then you are ready for to try out this hobby. This requires you to take a lot of precautionary measures.

Apparatus required for candle making:

  • Paraffin wax
  • Bee’s wax
  • Aluminium tray
  • Blunt knife
  • Wicks
  • Molds
  • Wax colour
  • Designer cutters
  • Any other junk which could be used to hold wax for a candle
  • Wax scented oil (optional)

With these things you are ready to begin the hobby. Depending on the occasion you can create appropriate candles. Few to name are, tealightsvotives, pillar candles, diyas, gel candles and so on.

Diyas used in India

Make this a hobby

To start with a lot of DIY kits are available in the market for beginners. As amateurs it is good to use them with the instruction sheet within the kit. The basic method to make a candle is to melt the wax, insert the wick in the right portion and pour the molten wax into the mold. This is not it for all types of candles. Each type will have a different procedure which will come onto this blog later.