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Careers in Marketing

careers in marketing

This maze of letters has 15 marketing careers hidden in it. Look for them and feel free to post your accomplishment in the comments section.

After long, arduous efforts for 3 or 4 years, you will be at crossroads wondering ,”what’s next?“. You are not alone at this juncture. Look carefully, you will find a lot of your peers here. You have this question occurring constantly here because of limited awareness about the career options you have. Ideally by knowing about these options even before you graduate is helpful.

With ECONOMICS as a major subject in your course, the career opportunities you will stumble upon could be:


Design interns, design your career

Designing and planning a career is every student’s errand. When you know that your passion is DESIGN, then your planning and groundwork needs to be as creative as you are.

Though your presentation and process could get creative, there is a structure you could use to plan.

Before you choose your internship

Design Internship

Design Internship

  • When we are ambiguous about next steps, research is a recommended step. Talk to people, read a lot, explore opportunities and always be on look out for chances to learn more. Research as much as possible to list out your available options. Subscribe to intern portals to acquaint yourself with trending job profiles.
  • Different time, suits different people. Summer break may be perfect to make the most out of an internship opportunity and for some, everyday during college may be perfect. Understand your priorities and commit yourself completely to your internship at a time that is perfect to you.
  • “Understand what an unpaid internship pays you?” . When you are offered an unpaid internship in a firm, ask yourself what is it worth? Sometimes the opportunity may turn out to be great while you meet new people and engage with the unknown to learn new things. Sometimes, it is a backlash. A healthy way to evaluate this is to figure out whether you are learning something at this place or are you rendering your services. Where there is learning, foregoing your paycheck may not pinch you.

During your internship

  • Professional structure and designed chaos; dress well and present yourself professionally. Though you are a student, you are now in a professional environment. Hence, you will be considered as a professional. This means you will have to dress, speak and behave like a professional. All you need to do is, show some etiquette at the place you work. That is work etiquette.
  • Know your employer. After your stint, if you don’t get to know your employer, your chances of connecting back with them are reduced. Know what you can expect and tap and what you can give then in return.
  • Know your mentor. Knowing your employer is different form knowing your mentor. Most interns are assigned to an employee of the firm, who ends up being your mentor. If the person you work does not seem good enough to be your mentor, then find one before you know you have lost on all the learning.
  • Get your portfolio up-to-date. Your portfolio speaks for you. It is your “branding tool”. Amateur designs may indicate negatively about your potential and abilities. Hence, enhance and update your portfolio with what you think is best to represent yourself.
  • Visit and engage with a studio often. Apart from your daily assignments with your employer, visiting a studio rejuvenates your creativity.

Career options at Deloitte

Deloitte has been generous in orienting freshers about the possible career options available in the market, for different subjects as major in your course curriculum.

Deloitte career options

Who chooses what I need to choose?

The title precisely means “who decides what I need to choose?”.

Do my parents decide it for me? Do my teachers decide? Do my friends decide? Do my marks decide? Do I decide? We look for someone else to answer this for us because we lack exposure and orientation.

There are a lot of reasons for one to be confused about the career they want to choose. Some choose a career due to peer pressure, some choose because they have been oriented in a certain way all their life and some choose because of some random incident that turned out rather important for them.

Though this had a cynical start, the intent of this article is to educate HCC readers with the options available today for exploration. These options aid you with a better understanding and allows you to engage with a reality check.

Family: Keenly observe people in your immediate and extended family. You will find groups of people in the same profession. Sometimes you will see people talking about a career which they could not pursue. Talk to them, understand their perspectives, enhance discussions and share it with your friends.

Friends and Peer group: Most times, we see people among our peers, who are always talking about what they want to do in life. We may not be so determined or clear as of now about what we want to pursue but, we can fetch some insight from them on how they decided about their career option so early.

Company visits: Sometimes we may have a rare opportunity to visit a company and know more about it’s back end. If you got such an opportunity don’t miss it. The earlier you know about reality the better it is. Explore other companies that are of  interest to you. Try to get an opportunity to explore. This itself is a great lesson in understanding the available career options.

Career Coaches: Approach a career coach or a mentor. You may find professional coaches and mentors who are into counselling full-time. These coaches and mentors could also be your professors, teachers, uncles or siblings. Be open to what people are saying.

Career Fairs and Conventions: They happen all the round the year in different cities. Choose your closest city and explore these fairs. These fairs educate career aspirants with the latest trends and newer options burgeoning in the market. Such conventions connect with newsletters. Hence subscribe to these newsletters and upgrade yourself all the time, until you bump into something exciting.

Internships: Serious self observers start interning early. Through interning a lot of our confusion gets diffused. When a person tries out internships of various types, they get exposed to more number of opportunities. It provides a crystal clear picture about what is actual vs what is anticipated.

Some platforms which facilitate internships are listed below:





Useful Online Resources





Building a civilization – Civil Engineering

Finite element, numerical simulation, three dimensional, reinforced concrete, ground motion, do these words excite you. Then look out for CIVIL ENGINEERING. It could be set as hardware and architecture as software of the industry.

While driving did you wonder where the sewage lines of your city led to? Did you feel your roads could be designed in a better way? Did you ever admire an edifice in your neighborhood? Then there is a possibility that you are inclined towards the profession of a civil engineer.

What is civil engineering? A basic idea.

Courtesy: Directorate of Technical Education, Assam.

Courtesy: Directorate of Technical Education, Assam.

It involves design, construction, planning and environmental matters. The key subjects exposed to a civil engineer are earth science, atmospheric science, geo physics, city planning, municipal and urban engineering, structural engineering, water resource engineering, etc.

Traces of systematized civil engineering is found in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Eiffle Tower, Leaning tower of Pisa and Pyramids in Egypt are an example of the beginning of this science.

Top recruiters of civil engineers in India

Source: http://entrance-exam.net/forum/general-discussion/core-companies-recruit-civil-engineers-66960.html#ixzz2JLzYb84d

Top Colleges you should explore 

For those aspiring to fly high as a civil engineer, you could browse through the website of the following colleges.


Stanford, USA

IIT – Mumbai

The following link will take you to list of top colleges for civil engineering http://www.thecivilengg.com/top_universities.php

For your reference – useful resources