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The aaS in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing as a concept has changed the face and revolutionized the way organizations deal with database management, storage, IT systems‘ integration, virtualization, change management, project management and employee engagement.

Cloud computing is the smart usage of network but with a lot of aaS es in it. These are not the asses, we know as a donkey, but aaS – ‘as a Service’ tagged to all the functionalities that could be used on a cloud.

Here is a list for you:

AaaS – Application as a Service

AaaS – Analytics as a Service

BaaS – Backend as a Service

DaaS – Database as a Service

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service

PaaS – Product as a Service

SaaS – Software as a Service

MaaS – Monitoring as a Service

CaaS – Communication as a Service

XaaS – Anything as a Service

Social Media Recruitment

With the swirling buzz about social media, there is another branch added to its tree. Recruitment as a function is being executed effectively through social media platforms, Linkedin being the topper.

HR executives specializing in the recruitment vertical are sprawling  all over social media platforms. These platforms have set a stage to focus on the specific skill sets and leverage to engage with the right guys.

What are the verticals opening in this space?

Quite a few HR processes are replicated into online processes and are being deployed effectively.

Employee Engagement: Salesforce an early entrant in cloud computing has built systems to enhance employee engagement. The ecosystem of social media networks like facebook and orkut are replicated in these organizational social media networks to allow employee engagement and get a pulse of trends running in the organization. On these platforms certain features are customized for the needs of an organization.

Recruitment: HR recruiters are smartly engaging on different social media to identify candidates who best suit their organization’s requirements. These managers engage in building their network and replenishing their human resource bank with potential candidate contacts.

Interviewing: The stereotypical picture of a recruiter asking questions to a potential candidate across a desk is being substituted by skype calls, facetime and chat rooms. Now people are more and more getting accustomed to virtual habits and hence are using virtual tools to make interview calls and recruitment decisions.

Social media allows the management to know more about an employee’s social life and track their personal references without literal head hunting and investigation.