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College is a cool playground to implement your start up ideas. This will also be encouraged by the management. To start a business at college you need to identify a niche market, where you can sell a product or service. Once you identify the market, make a list of resources you require. Form a team with your seniors, peers or juniors. You could involve one of your professors as a mentor. Your customers could be students, tutors, management or parents.

  • IDEA 1: Stationery store – Start a stationery store at subsidized rates for colleges. Your college could be your first customer. Colleges require basic stationery items like pens, markers, chalk, notepads, papers and so on. Apart from that some electronic items like headphones, mouse, usb sticks could be added to your product catalogue for sale.
  • IDEA 2: Virtual learning – Colleges are hubs for learning. To develop a ecosystem to educate each other is always a challenge. Create a virtual learning support system for your college and involve other colleges eventually. Manage your college community and engage with other colleges to build an interactive and supportive ecosystem.
  • IDEA 3: Personal tutoring – Few students at college require personal attention which not be possible in a classroom. Professors and lecturers may not be accessible all the time for students. If you are good at a subject you can capitalize this opportunity. If you are a smart kid, help your peers and tutor them one-on-one. You could charge a nominal fee for spending your time with focused attention on the student.
  • IDEA 4: Sports education – Though college is centered on academic learning, sports will definitely be a part of the curriculum. Cricket, hockey, basketball or any other sport that rules your college could be a great source of income. Conduct innovative games and introduce new game methodologies for students to enjoy sports and apply them during tournaments. Coach your juniors and peers in college sports. Bring in seniors as sport mentors.
  • IDEA 5: Notes on my back: T-shirts are a common wear among youth. T-shirts with academic notes could be your unique selling proposition (USP). This will inculcate easy learning among students. Your t-shirt will have a new piece of information for your friends to learn and you will have other t-shirts to learn from. This could be a good learning methodology. You can sell to other colleges by customizing their logo on it.

For those who can’t afford to go through a regular course, at a regular college, yet want to pursue education and gain a degree, distant education is perfect choice! Distance education is also referred to as ‘education by correspondence’. Distance education in India is governed by Distance Education Council (DEC). 

Who chooses distance education?

Everyone cannot afford to join a regular college due to time constraints, family obligations, gender discrimination or lack of monetary support. For such people India has many courses to offer through distance education. Sometimes for various other reasons a student drops out of a regular college. Such discontinuation could be renewed by a distance course.

What should be my approach when I choose a correspondence course?

This is more challenging than a regular course. In a regular course, students get the support of  tutors all the time, engaged in various college affiliated networks to share knowledge and also have the support of placement cells.

In a correspondence course our five senses have to be open to draw information from any where and everywhere. Typically, students are supported with study material, counselors, contact classes and online help. These elements are very basic for a student to groom into an industry person. To gain all that a regular student receives, try to adopt the following:

  • Read more books, apart from your study material.
  • Engage with a mentor who can connect you with the upcoming trends, pertinent to your course.
  • Chalk out a plan to explore new things for each subject.
  • Join networks that talk about your course topics
  • Create or join a group of like minded people who are pursuing your course. Exchange thoughts, ideas and knowledge with each other.
  • Participate in contests and fests at a college close to your locality.

Share this article with your friends who are facing trouble, while pursuing a correspondence course. All the best folks!

Here is a link to colleges in India that offer distance education: http://www.indiastudycenter.com/univ/distance-education.asp

Building a civilization – Civil Engineering

Finite element, numerical simulation, three dimensional, reinforced concrete, ground motion, do these words excite you. Then look out for CIVIL ENGINEERING. It could be set as hardware and architecture as software of the industry.

While driving did you wonder where the sewage lines of your city led to? Did you feel your roads could be designed in a better way? Did you ever admire an edifice in your neighborhood? Then there is a possibility that you are inclined towards the profession of a civil engineer.

What is civil engineering? A basic idea.

Courtesy: Directorate of Technical Education, Assam.

Courtesy: Directorate of Technical Education, Assam.

It involves design, construction, planning and environmental matters. The key subjects exposed to a civil engineer are earth science, atmospheric science, geo physics, city planning, municipal and urban engineering, structural engineering, water resource engineering, etc.

Traces of systematized civil engineering is found in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Eiffle Tower, Leaning tower of Pisa and Pyramids in Egypt are an example of the beginning of this science.

Top recruiters of civil engineers in India

Source: http://entrance-exam.net/forum/general-discussion/core-companies-recruit-civil-engineers-66960.html#ixzz2JLzYb84d

Top Colleges you should explore 

For those aspiring to fly high as a civil engineer, you could browse through the website of the following colleges.


Stanford, USA

IIT – Mumbai

The following link will take you to list of top colleges for civil engineering http://www.thecivilengg.com/top_universities.php

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