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30+ texts, 100+ authors, professors, designers, 4000+ pages encyclopedia. This has been the journey of a noble cause initiated by Interactive Design Foundation (IDF). interactive design logo

What do they do?

IDF works as a team to provide free educational material to everyone and especially those who cannot afford education from premier colleges. IDF aims to share content for free which is communicated by the slogan  ‘Knowledge wants to be free’, embossed on the logo. Their content includes books, CDs, images, professional connections, workshops, conferences, wiki tools and another innovative component. That component is a ‘Knowledge Tour’.

Knowledge Tour

This tour has been planned to travel around the world to give away educational material for free. The tour is designed to use bikes for eco-friendly reasons and has set of other interesting tools to complete the expedition. Track more about the tour on http://www.interaction-design.org/

Design interns, design your career

Designing and planning a career is every student’s errand. When you know that your passion is DESIGN, then your planning and groundwork needs to be as creative as you are.

Though your presentation and process could get creative, there is a structure you could use to plan.

Before you choose your internship

Design Internship

Design Internship

  • When we are ambiguous about next steps, research is a recommended step. Talk to people, read a lot, explore opportunities and always be on look out for chances to learn more. Research as much as possible to list out your available options. Subscribe to intern portals to acquaint yourself with trending job profiles.
  • Different time, suits different people. Summer break may be perfect to make the most out of an internship opportunity and for some, everyday during college may be perfect. Understand your priorities and commit yourself completely to your internship at a time that is perfect to you.
  • “Understand what an unpaid internship pays you?” . When you are offered an unpaid internship in a firm, ask yourself what is it worth? Sometimes the opportunity may turn out to be great while you meet new people and engage with the unknown to learn new things. Sometimes, it is a backlash. A healthy way to evaluate this is to figure out whether you are learning something at this place or are you rendering your services. Where there is learning, foregoing your paycheck may not pinch you.

During your internship

  • Professional structure and designed chaos; dress well and present yourself professionally. Though you are a student, you are now in a professional environment. Hence, you will be considered as a professional. This means you will have to dress, speak and behave like a professional. All you need to do is, show some etiquette at the place you work. That is work etiquette.
  • Know your employer. After your stint, if you don’t get to know your employer, your chances of connecting back with them are reduced. Know what you can expect and tap and what you can give then in return.
  • Know your mentor. Knowing your employer is different form knowing your mentor. Most interns are assigned to an employee of the firm, who ends up being your mentor. If the person you work does not seem good enough to be your mentor, then find one before you know you have lost on all the learning.
  • Get your portfolio up-to-date. Your portfolio speaks for you. It is your “branding tool”. Amateur designs may indicate negatively about your potential and abilities. Hence, enhance and update your portfolio with what you think is best to represent yourself.
  • Visit and engage with a studio often. Apart from your daily assignments with your employer, visiting a studio rejuvenates your creativity.

Happy Sankranthi – Rangoli Designing

This festival is celebrated to signify the first harvest. Like any other Indian festival people get busy with food preparation and religious ceremonies. However there are two key features of this festival. One is about flying kites and the other is about adorning homes with RANGOLI.

Rangoli by definition is an intricately designed geometrical figure with shades of bright colours filled to depict an important life form, ritual or custom of the festival. Rangoli is made in front of people’s homes, as a sign of welcoming powers of deities. Styles of rangoli differ by region and culture.

What is used to make rangoli?

Rangoli can be made by chalk powder, rice powder or white rock powder. On festive occasions  synthetic colours are used to add more beauty to the design. Some opt to use natural colours like vermilion, turmeric and flower petals.

Rangoli in different provinces. 

Rangoli is found everywhere in India but is referred differently.

Kolam – KERALA

Aripan – BIHAR

Purna – Uttar Pradesh

Muggu – Andhra Pradesh

Alpana – Maharashtra

Alikhtahp – Kumaon

What is required to learn this art form?

One needs to have the ability to make sense out of geometric figures. Basic skills of drawing, creativity and lots of practice is required to to develop in this art form. To start with, we need to practice small designs with dots in an odd and even arrangement.

Some reasonably difficult designs look like this. One needs to mark around the dots and form these designs. Few other designs require marking on the dots and making comprehensible figures which pertain to deities and festivals. Rangoli in different regions have mythological and religious significance.

Some useful resources