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Costs you lesser than a penny and gives you a world of fun! Learning a new language has never been a more attractive choice than it is today. With the virtual world shrinking and more and more people associating themselves as global citizens, a trend fuelled by increasing travel, there has been a growing interest and curiosity to learn about more than one’s own culture.

It is a matter of pride to be multi-lingual and is a hot skill these days. It is helping many job seekers to land in a job easily, when combined with other regular skill sets. As learning a new or foreign language is widely touted to increase critical thinking skills, creativity, and flexibility.

But as a hobby too, learning a new language is an interesting proposition. With all the resources available on Internet, it renders itself as a beautiful and enjoyable journey that connects one to new cultures and help in becoming more eligible citizens of this new global society!

Here is a simple and effective plan that helps you get started on this neo-journey,

  1. Decide on what language to learn. Preferably a language you are a little familiar with and want to become fluent, or a totally new foreign language to enjoy the fun of learning something completely novel.
  2. Establish different stages for the whole learning experience – Initially, you may want to learn the language just to be able to understand movies and get a peek into that country’s culture. Later, you may want to be able to speak in that language with your friends or envision building a profession, or you may further want to become a language expert that requires you to read and write as well.
  3. Look up on the internet and try to design a learning program that would help you make use of all the available resources. This may include, enrolling on websites that sends you a daily dose of learning or some animated exercises that lets you learn in an interactive way or finding a native speaker that can spend some time talking to you, be a part of forum where your learning is made more holistic.

When you start making progress with your learning, it is also a great idea to start using what you learn in your day-to-day conversations. This hobby is quite contagious and may soon land you up with some company from your own circle, bringing in that extra bit of fun!


From the times of colonialism and industrialization, English has emerged as the second most spoken language in the world until now. Apart from that it is the most used language on internet and hence we all see new virtual species developing like SEO, content marketing and so on.

Which is the most spoken language in the world? Mandarin. China with the largest population in the world and Chinese crossing borders, Mandarin has emerged as the most spoken language in the world. Hindi, Spanish, Russian and Arabic following the list by popularity and usage.

With these statistics how far is it justified to judge a person’s COMMUNICATION SKILLS only based on English? This is what happens in most interviews in India. Here, interviews do not refer only to business and employee interviews. Even school interviews for children stress on the child’s English speaking abilities.

We have to decide if it is promising or sad to know that English speaking ability is a compelling parameter for a person to be recruited. A simple reason for this trend to be born is, for the interviewer to test the interviewee if he/she has the ability to communicate and present his idea with clarity.

Testing the communication and presentation skills could be done using any language. Why is an Indian language not used to make decisions in this area? Communication skills has become synonymous with ENGLISH in India and among Indian recruiters.

Is this a healthy trend?

It is for the trend setters and thinkers to react on this subject. Hindi is the third most spoken language and Bengali ranking seventh. With these statistics shouldn’t we pay more attention to Indian languages and allow candidates to be evaluated in these languages too?

My Lingo

Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, English, Hindi or Swalihi – the language doesn’t matter. All that matters is your ability to express.

“Language is used by our mind to interpret thoughts. 
When thought touches the soul it brings out knowledge.”

Writing as a hobby

Writing is a medium of expression. With practice writing expands our spectrum of expression; we tend to use apt words in every context.

Mostly, writing as a hobby with purpose starts during teenage. Children at school choose writing as a hobby when they start writing for their school journals and assignments. A lot of children are inspired by great leaders, their family, friends, while choosing this hobby. There are also instances when children choose this hobby as a way to vent out their emotions or sorrow in life.

Age, however is not the only factor that decides such a choice. Lot of renowned writers are also born in response to compelling circumstances in their life. There is no one reason why a person chooses to be a writer.

Writing has been an intellectual and enjoyable avenue among the literates.

How to inculcate and enrich, writing as a hobby?

Sun is warm, the abandoned becomes warm in its proximity. 
Rain is wet, the pedestrain becomes wet under its umbrella . 
Good writer is a visionary, the reader becomes the vision.

A well written passage enhances the readers’ ability to visualise and imagine. Writers should always try to manifest the plausible reader’s emotions, thoughts, feelings and ideas.When a reader feels that a writing is close to his personality, he appreciates it.

A writer should know, prepare and equip with the following before he/she starts writing:

  1. Objective behind choosing to write something
  2. Subject matter
  3. Audience he aims to address
  4. Knowledge/ Information necessary for the topic
  5. Structure of the passage and content
  6. Writing style
  7. And ofcourse a pen and a book 🙂 (or a laptop ;-))

This list is not exhaustive. The list increases with the type of writer. The writer could be a journalist, author, poet, spiritual leader, teacher or anyone. The writing style differs from person to person. Purpose of writing and occupation of the writer influences a writer’s writing style.

Ways to enhance writing skills

  1. Read, Read and Read. Read a lot
  2. Make a conscious effort to increase your vocabulary
  3. Use any writing opportunity: This could involve helping your friend to finish an assignment, participating in a competition or writing a journal
  4. Make diary writing a part of your daily to do list.
  5. Speak where ever possible about your writings.
  6. Listen to various opinions and views on different subject matters
  7. Explore different writing styles.
  8. Get a critic’s feedback: Don’t hesitate to share your writing with others for feedback.
  9. Join writing clubs

Writing and poetry can be opted as a full time occupation. Lack of clear expression is the reason for the birth of writing as an occupation. This lacunae is capitalised by the creative geeks; they have adopted various styles to captivate people through their lucid expressions.

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