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My Valentine is my passion

What drives us to do something? PASSION. It is our passion to do it. This article is Valentine’s day special feature presenting ‘how our passion evolves into action’. This statement is not true all the time. Sometimes passion dwindles and the action never comes into reality.

Our childhood is influenced by culture, family, parents and friends. This lays a foundation to our multiplying aspirations. Our surroundings and circumstances drive us to decide our passion. A lot of similar factors also act upon diffusing our flourishing passion. Then rises the herd instinct in us. “Follow the crowd”. However, we rarely stumble upon a fortune of reuniting with our passion.

Favourable circumstances are not a boon to most of us who want to follow our dreams. What really matters here is, how far can we extend ourselves to convert our passion into reality.

How do I realize my passion?

Valentine's day Passion

Soft is Big

What the hell is this title?

Why is it so important to pursue a hobby or keep your OTHER SIDE active? Have you watched the movie “Social Network“? One of the dialogues uttered by Mark is, “I don’t want to earn through advertisements. I don’t know what it is going to be. It could be the next big thing.”  These words show that he didn’t adopt convention though it was well proven. He adopted passion.

So the soft side of FACEBOOK is PASSION.

Similarly, MOBILE PHONE wasn’t created for marketing and mobile agencies to advertise or create mobile apps or be a bridge for internet access. It was meant for better COMMUNICATION.

Here, the soft side of MOBILE PHONE is COMMUNICATION.

Move on and analyse innovations and brands that made it BIG. They remained focused on the SOFT SIDE.


One can add more to the list.

This era’s new mantra now would be ‘Soft is BIG’. To make it big one needs to pursue their soft side, attend to their inner needs.

You could be a housewife, student, working professional or CLUELESS. No matter who you are, each one of us has another side that is yet to be discovered or already discovered.
Share what your other side is.
If you connect strongly with any of the hobbies posted on the blog or want to share something new, feel free to submit your other side in the comment box. Hobby Troops will surely connect with you to hear your other side.